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Fine Arts


Incorporation of Fine Arts courses into the curriculum for all students, grades 7-12, is part of the Saint John's experience. Below, we've outlined the course offerings within each Fine Arts category, as well as a variety of extracurricular programs for students to immerse themselves in depending on their interest!


In grades 7 & 8, Saint John's students experience music, theatre and  visual art culminating in the grade level Arts Nights show casing their work for the full community. 



In grades 9-12, students have a robust offering of required and elective courses to choose from. 

Visual Art Courses: Studio Art (1, 2 & 3), Advanced Studio Art, Art History (AP)

Music Courses: Chorus, Concert Band, String Ensemble, Guitar, Guitar Ensemble, Music Theory (AP)

Theater Courses: Acting, Intro to Theater, Playwriting, Theater Production, Theatrical Design



Art Club

Provides an additional opportunity for all students to  explore their creative side. The group meets after school regularly with a fine arts faculty facilitator to work on their individual artistic projects. 

Audio Production

Produces all of the sound for our many Liturgies and Prayer Services and frequently assists with sound for  other school events. This club is a great way for students to learn what it takes to mix live sound – and as a side benefit – it provides  some of the best seats in the house! 

Improv Society

Meets Friday afternoons in the black box. Student leaders, under Faculty supervision, play a variety of funny  improv games every week, in a “Who’s Line Is It Anyway” format. Students share their talents at Improv Showcases twice a year. 

Liturgy Band

A group that provides music at the various Liturgies and Prayer Services. Students learn what it takes to select  appropriate songs for Liturgy and how to present them at Mass. Musicians of all kinds and vocalists are welcome. 

Middle School Art Club

Is an opportunity for middle school students to come together and share the joys of visual art. The middle school art club has had the opportunity to hone individual skills while also creating impressive installations to beautify the middle school wing.

Photography Club

The Photography Club brings students together who cherish the world of photography, giving its members the opportunity to tell a story with their pictures and keep memories  forever, as a picture truly speaks a thousand words. 

The Saint John’s Network

The Saint John’s Network (SJN) is a  student-organized video journalism club dedicated to showcasing  the unique life at Saint John’s. Student journalists and videographers meet weekly to collaborate, plan, script, film, and produce video news clips which are then published on SJ’s YouTube Channel (Saint John’s Live). SJN gives its members the opportunity to explore exciting topics and have fun sharing those stories with the  Saint John’s community.  

Saint John’s Theater

Produces three fully staged shows each year,  between the Robert R. Jay Performing Arts Center and the Black Box Theater. All Saint John’s students 9-12 and high school age girls from the surrounding communities are encouraged to audition. Each production also includes a full stage crew to operate lights, sound and help transition between scenes. Students can  also drop in and out of set construction as they are able. All sets,  lighting, sound and effects are executed in house by Saint John’s students. 

Tri-M Honors Society

Tri-M is a nationally recognized honor  society for music students who excel and are dedicated to their art. Membership is open to all high school students in the performance ensembles.  

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