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Saint John's High School is a Catholic, Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School

for Boys Grades 7-12 located in Shrewsbury, MA. 

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A Saint John’s Catholic education is rooted in the commitment of the Xaverian Brothers to bring Christ to life in young men. Our students develop a love of learning through a college preparatory academic and co-curricular program embracing both tradition and innovation. Saint John's fosters the formation of the whole person: spiritual, social, physical, intellectual, creative, and aesthetic.

We call our community to live out the Xaverian values of zeal, humility, simplicity, trust, and compassion. Saint John’s creates an atmosphere of interdependence, respect, inclusion, and personal responsibility in a community where we mutually help, encourage, and edify each other to develop relationships that transcend time.  We aim to send forth young men who will use their God-given talents to transform their community, their nation, and their world.

In the tradition of its Xaverian founders, Saint John's High School is committed to providing opportunities for families in need, students from a diversity of backgrounds, and for the poor and marginalized.

The facts


At Saint John's, we are proud to represent students from over 70 cities and towns throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut from a variety of backgrounds.

What connects our students and families is our mutual obligation to one another, to our mission, and to the core Xaverian values of trust, humility, simplicity, compassion and zeal.

Here, our young men come together to create bonds stronger than imaginable - bonds that will last a lifetime. Our goal is to inspire this generation of young men to be the best versions of themselves.

The mission


In 1894, four Xaverian Brothers arrived at Union Station in Worcester, called to served 4th, 5th, and 6th grade boys at Saint John's Grammar School. 

Four years later, in 1898, one of those Xaverians, Brother Robert Treanor, opened Saint John's High School on Temple Street with a mission and vision to bring Christ to life in young men in Worcester - preparing them to become leaders in their communities and to live lives of meaning and purpose. That mission and vision is still thriving today on Main Street in Shrewsbury.

Today, we proudly serve young men in grades 7-12 from over 70 cities and towns in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut from a variety of diverse backgrounds.

We look forward to celebrating our rich tradition of excellence in educating young men this year, and for years to come. 

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